20140201: Banff Ice Wall

Climbers: Anna, Alicia, Debra-Jo, Helen, Prakriti

Instructor: Jean Gamilovski (Yamnuska)

As part of the MEC Ice Climbing Festival, the town of Banff erected a 40-ft ice wall right downtown on Banff Ave. Five venturesome ladies came out to the mountains with me to take a crack at the competition wall.

Wall at night
MEC photo of the Wall at night

Friday night we attended the Festival silent auction, speaker series and slideshow downtown Banff. We checked out the wall, spotlit in bright pink. The evening was totally inspiring, especially Nancy Hansen’s talk, and there was of course lots of Go-pro video accompanied by adrenaline pumping music. Had some elk pizza and hot chocolate at the Elk & Oarsman and by that time, I was ready for bed.

We got up nice and early to a chilly -23C (not including windchill). But it was worth it! First dibs on the wall!!

Unfortunately I was concentrating on climbing and did not look around from the top. Ah well.. I’m sure the view of downtown Banff was nice!

Upon leaving the climbing area I slipped on some ice on the sidewalk. Isn’t it ironic.


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