20140209: His & Hers, Grotto Canyon (Canmore)

The car reads -30C in Canmore so we decide to wait for the sun and while away some time in Timmy’s. Sugar bomb! I scarf down a package of honey stinger chews and a hot chocolate with whipped topping. It’s not real whipped cream but right now, I’m not fussy. Then a breakfast sandwich…

A half hour later, the car’s reading -28C. Eh, let’s get a move on anyway..

When we get to walking, the first thing that strikes me about the trail is, where’s the ice? Grotto is one of the ‘classic’ ice walks but with the floods from the summer, the canyon bed has changed completely.  There’s barely any ice, just a thin-ish strip, and the canyon bed is now significantly higher.

“His” on the left and “Hers” on the right

His & Hers ice lines come into view and they look… Wasted. Andrew says they’re climbing ‘harder’ than usual.

s134 s085sDSC03069 s070

There’s some weird little features and hollows in the ice that have formed from these lines being climbed so much. They’re fun, but also awkward and I am feeling a little off today. Also, Andrew says we’ll probably be relying on our arms more than usual.


Tried a bit of mixed climbing and dry tooling, not altogether successfully, and that was a good day for me.

Yup, my arms are tired. Actually, a little fatigued all over. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to sleep in!

s209 ss195ss212

Heart Mountain comes into view from the Grotto trail as we exit the canyon
Heart Mountain comes into view from the Grotto trail as we exit the canyon

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