20140809: Powderface 45k more or less (Bragg Creek, Kananaskis)

Powderface from Station Flats along the Elbow trail, part of the Ironlegs 50 mile race course. The other part of the course is Moose Mountain, which I’ve already done three times this year so it wasn’t a difficult choice to omit it from this training run. And anyway to do the whole 50 mile course today would have been a big ask.

I just wanted to see how I’d feel on the Powderface section, and determine whether or not to actually participate in the race next weekend. After much deliberation I concluded that the Ironlegs race is not in the cards for me this year. Rack up another DNS next to my name. Did Not Start.

Station Flats -> Elbow Valley -> Powderface Creek -> Powderface Ridge -> descent, and return.


It was 3C when I started at 7am and fog had settled on the ground at Station Flats. Autumn is on its way. Wild rasperries sampled. Wildflowers nearing past bloom. We’d had severe thunderstorm warnings the night before; puff balls weighed down by dew.


As I jogged/ hiked/ crawled through the trails at snail’s pace I had lots of time to think. Johnny Lang tracks looped in my head accompanying the sounds of coyotes, cattle, little critters and birds in the morning, and in the afternoon, forestry activity and traffic as mountain-goers steadily and increasingly populated the parking lots and trailheads. Morning passed into afternoon and afternoon into late afternoon.










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