20140927: Stoney Squaw (Norquay, Banff)

A short and pleasant loop 5k, on an oddly-named trail. Or maybe odd’s not the right word. Out-dated, maybe. (But you gotta admit, a much better name than Squaw’s Tit, the colloquial name for the “nipple” of Mount Lady MacDonald.)

The apex of the loop is the Stoney Squaw lookout on the west side of Cascade mountain and on this foggy day there were a surprising number of people on the trail; three groups of two each, not including us.

The road up to the Norquay ski area provides an overlook of Banff townsite and driving the switchbacks is like getting bonus elevation. Unfortunately that put us right into the clouds. No view today so we concentrated on looking at the forest floor, smelling and examining the damp fall decay and gently poking at the many many varieties of mushrooms in various stages of rot. In addition to the loop we did a bit of wandering around and looked at a bunch of stuff – well, you know how it is when you’re on a leisurely stroll, a luxury that doesn’t happen often – which made for a relaxing morning.






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