20140928: Wonder Pass (Assiniboine) from Mount Shark 44k

I’m not sure how to classify Mount Shark. Is it part of Spray Lakes Provincial Park? Peter Lougheed Provincial Park? Banff? I need a closer look at the map.

In any case it’s one of those trails you kind of want to keep secret (though the secret is obviously out). And in those secretive moods I sometimes post a photo on facebook with the caption “my version of Paradise” and let people guess where it is while being infuriatingly obscure about the answer. ha ha. If you’re up for guessing games may I suggest a tour of the conference halls at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Calgary; is there ever some nice artwork hanging on the walls. You can spend a heck of a lot of coffee break time trying to figure out where exactly those landscapes are.

Mt Shark trailhead > Bryant Creek > Wonder Pass at the border of Assiniboine provincial park (B.C.), and back.

I’d wanted to do the loop through Assiniboine pass and back out the Great Divide trail but ran out of time so it ended up being an out and back. There were only a few groups of people all day, and only around mid-to-late morning, as usual. This way of reaching Assiniboine is much quieter than starting from the Sunshine end in Banff, probably because there really isn’t much to commend Bryant Creek other than a few bridges across rivers. The trail doesn’t get interesting until 13km when you reach the Bryant Creek shelter and finally get a sense of being in the mountains and justify driving that darn gravel road up and around Spray Lakes. But man, when the trees open up… Gorgeous.

Bryant Creek warden cabin, Marvel Lake, Wonder Pass and the feathery yellow-orange larches.











I pushed it to make good time back… Murphy’s Law strikes; there was an accident on the Stoney Trail overpass and bumper to bumper traffic to match. Somehow, I did make it to my brother’s birthday dinner. Nearly on time.


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