20141124: Urs Hole on Cascade (Banff)

A 3-day early season ice course with Yamnuska took us out to the lower Junkyards (with Jean and Daryl) and Haffner (with Daryl). At the end of Day 2, Daryl turned to Brian and me and advised, “Tomorrow you’ll be with Grant.” Ok, good.  “There’s some crawling under front range glacier, so you’ll need to bring a headlamp.” Whaa?? While I was processing this I could see Brian processing too. How do you spell that, he asked. U-R-S, Daryl replied.

And that’s how I was introduced to Urs Hole. Except Daryl called it Urs’ Gully. Grant later revealed that Urs is the name of the guy who achieved first ascent. Ah.

Brian had some ‘issues’ Monday morning so unfortunately he didn’t make it to the climb. But I made sure he knew what he’d missed, afterward.

The ACMG Mountain Conditions Report Nov 20, 2014 (Conrad Janzen) says it all:

The Urs Hole route on Cascade Mtn is in very good shape right now with some fun maneuvering around, over and under all the snow plugs of avalanche debris in the narrows from the last several years. Quite unique…

s093 s154Urs Hole ice climb Cascade Mountain s149


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