20150201: Start to the New Year on High and on Low

So it’s February 2nd in a few hours and it’s about time I said “happy new year”!

No resolutions, just trying to focus more on running this year. I’ve ‘sacrificed’ a few ice trips in order to spend more time on the ground in preparation for a few races this summer.

But allow me to share some photos from January:

We were in Florida for a Caribbean cruise wedding in early Jan so we decided to check out the Everglades and made various stops along the main highway from the Florida City entrance. The highlight for me was definitely a hike through a cypress swamp and seeing gators in their natural habitat. We did a few days of kayaking too; a saltwater paddle in Florida Bay, a mangrove paddle, and another kayak as an excursion on the cruise. Nothing to do with mountains. Fun anyway!

s690 s215 s222 s270 s298


Then, an outing with the CMSC Jan 17th; someone had a brilliant idea to pull sleds up Mt Yamnuska’s hiking trail. Here’s the official report.

“Quite the trip. Camped at east end of Yam Ridge. Hard going to get the sleds up to the ridge. Decided to stay put as brush and steep slopes would make hauling sleds further unbearable. Strong wind overnight but we were cozy and warm. Long day to get to the ice. 2013 floods have made getting up the canyon slower and difficult. Ice curtains all the way up Association Peak. Climbed first pitch of David Thompson. Lots of rockfall in the warm very windy conditions. Took a golf ball size chunk on the crown of my helmet. Long slow grind getting back to tent. Couldn’t believe that we managed to haul 3 heavy sled up Yam… Many thanks to everyone. A repeat not likely though that may change in time.”

Never again. I once pulled my pulk over 100 miles in the winter from Whitehorse to Braeburn in 42 hours (Yukon Arctic Ultra), and this thing, this outing, was far worse.

I would let you imagine what the agony was like but here is some visual of our bushwhacking, night in the hot tent, and the 11-hour hike into Association Peak/ David Thompson Motor Inn (WI2) and back out the next day.

ss027 s019 s025 s066 s071 s093 s144 s162 s167 s294ss198

The sled ordeal helped me realize that 1. I need to get in shape; and 2. I need to get in shape.

It’s been pretty snowy lately but last week we had a great spell of weather brought in by the Chinook. This is my favorite photo of my running partner at the Glenmore reservoir. We’ve also been having some spectacular sunrises and sunsets, purple, orange and brilliant pink skies thanks to the low clouds. Which I have not been in good position to capture. I am sure those of you who are in the mountains are enjoying them immensely, from your high vantage.

s035 s015s148s194


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