20150215: Selected Photos from Up North

I’ve been reading Seven Years in Tibet – that incredible account of Heinrich Harrer’s journey – and thought to look up some of my old photos from that area of the world. There’s one in particular I remember, of two girls on the road, white wall of a lamasery behind them, in colorful traditional costume, black hair and rosy cheeks, and thought I’d like to see it again.

But I couldn’t seem to find those photos. Meanwhile in the same big box of negatives I found lots of other old photos and sketches from various trips… I found myself thinking, geez, I used to see a lot, do a lot, experience a lot… Where did that girl go?

Thought I’d briefly share some shots from Alaska/ Yukon/ Northwest Territories.

Mayo Midnight marathon, Dawson music festival, Tuk and Inuvik, Great Northern Arts Festival, Dawson Dome Race, Paddling Lapie, Ross, and Whitehorse Rivers, Tombstone, Top of the World Highway, Alaska Highway and various islands in Glacier Bay. What’s crazy is that some of those kids I met are now probably around 20 years old.

s013 s017 s047 s045 s042 s041 s040 s039 s034 s033 s032 s031 s029 s028 s027 s025 s016 s015 s012 s053 s050s055


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