20150527: Under A Southern Sun

It’s all about the slideshow, right? Well not really but I created this to share the experience (apologies for the dust and scratches on the lens but that is what happens when the camera has been toted in backpacks over four continents – and I am too lazy/  unskilled to post edit).

This was created for PDF but file size is too prohibitively large to post – so has been converted to compressed images.  As a result the writing is a bit hard to read but I hope you enjoy nonetheless, and thank you for indulging me.

africaFINAL1 africaFINAL2 africaFINAL3 africaFINAL4africaFINAL5 africaFINAL6 africaFINAL7 africaFINAL8 africaFINAL9 africaFINAL10africaFINAL11 africaFINAL12 africaFINAL13 africaFINAL14 africaFINAL15 africaFINAL16 africaFINAL17 africaFINAL18africaFINAL19 africaFINAL20 africaFINAL21 africaFINAL22 africaFINAL23 africaFINAL24africaFINAL25 africaFINAL26 africaFINAL27 africaFINAL28 africaFINAL29

Thank you to everyone who encouraged and enabled the opportunity to experience such special moments.

“When one is loved and feels free and has gotten to know the world somewhat, travel is simpler and happier.”  – Paul Theroux, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star


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