The Revenant: Alberta film locations

It’s Oscars night and unless you’ve been under a rock or holed up in a cave the past months (plausible, I suppose), you’ll know that Alejandro Iñárritu’s The Revenant is a contender to bring home the “ultimate honor” of the film awards. BBC calls it “an experience that show[s] audiences how to stop worrying and love the savage eye candy“.


As described to Deadline: It was planned this way, to be little-by-little jewel moments; that’s the way I designed the production. That was both to create intensity in [the] moments, as well as the climate conditions. We are shooting in such remote far-away locations that, by the time we arrive and have to return, we have already spent 40% of the day. But those locations are so gorgeous and so powerful, they look like they have never been touched by a human being, and that’s what I needed. The light is very reduced here in winter, and we are not shooting with any electrical lighting, just natural light.

Here are some amusing tidbits concerning what Leonardo Dicaprio had to endure while filming in our backyard (crawling in and out of frozen rivers, being covered with ants, dealing with a scraggly beard, biting into a raw bison liver… etc.). While yeah, our winters can be harsh, I’m sure it wasn’t all that terrible considering the regular Chinooks

Anyway, speaking of savage eye candy captured within our wild and beautiful landscape, here’s some info on the Alberta film locations. Since you can easily see all my Kananaskis photos since I started this online diary, I’ve decided to post new (old) ones for your viewing pleasure (pre-2014).

  • Elbow Falls (Kananaskis Country, 3 locations)
  • Bow River near Seebe/ Morley reserve
  • Fortress (Kananskis Country, heli-access)
  • near Spray Lakes (near Canmore, AB)
  • King Creek (Kananaskis Country)


Kananaskis Country is made up of several provincial parks that lie approximately in the area north of Height of the Rockies and east of  Kootenay. Highway 40 is the yellow line off of the main Trans-Canada Hwy (also known as Hwy 1, in red). Seebe is on the north side of Hwy 1 near the Hwy 40 junction.


Movie still


Here are some shots from K-Country along Hwy 40, and Fortress.

Movie still


The Revenant was also filmed in Drumheller (photo from Midlands in September 2014, below) and apparently also in B.C. and South America.


Midlands Provincial Park
Midlands Provincial Park

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