20160812: Mount Temple’s epic vistas (Moraine Lake, Banff)

Mount Temple lies on the Divide, with Valley of the Ten Peaks on the south and Paradise Valley on the north.

Before going, review Parks Canada’s “Guide to Scrambling Mount Temple” available online. Don’t let its popularity fool you; Temple is a big mountain that owns the highest number of fatalities of any of the peaks in our Rockies. In fact last October I was here to do Mount Eiffel next door to Temple, there was another tragedy.

Obey mandatory trail restrictions and travel in groups of 4 more. I ran into a grizzly in Paradise Valley a couple years ago and just last weekend we saw a grizz on the Lake Louise/ Moraine Lake road. Wildlife sightings are posted at pc.gc.ca.

Just below the summit, Moraine Lake (a Canadian classic) appears on the left, just below Mount Faye’s glaciated aspect. The lakes of Paradise Valley on the right.
Heading up to Sentinel Pass, looking back at Mt Faye
Looking back down at Sentinel Pass, Mount Eiffel on the right. Views of Valley of the Ten Peaks
Looking down Paradise Valley
Final summit ridge. Summit was free of cornice but still snow covered
Moraine Lake

While most will opt not to rope up on the crux either due to personal risk appetite or lack of awareness, we did. There is an option to go through a gully instead however debris and rockfall from above are funnelled through it. Remember, you have to get down, too.

Happy scrambling!


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