20180704-11: A week exploring caribou country (Jasper South boundary/ White Goat Wilderness)

Thank you so much to Zosia and Brian for inviting me to join this absolutely fantastic trip.

  • Trailhead: Nigel Pass, off the Icefields Parkway road just north of Big Bend
  • Itinerary:
    • Day 1 to 4: Brazeau Loop trail
    • Day 5 to 7: White Goat Wilderness via Cataract Pass and to Cline pass and random ridges
  • Daily distances: 14 to 23km

Parks Canada info on backpacking the Brazeau Loop in Jasper National Park, including schematic map, elevation profile, permit info, etc. can be found here.

Alberta Parks info on the White Goat Wilderness can be found here.

If you’re a more seasoned outdoor enthusiast looking for a solitary experience, go to the White Goat. If you want to travel a classic backpacking route in Jasper National Park, do Brazeau. You can access both from the Nigel Pass parking lot. Either way, you’ll get plenty of Canadian Rockies alpine air!

From just below Nigel Pass, the first climb of the Brazeau Loop trail
Brazeau Lake campground view
Jonas Pass. There are apparently only two individual caribou left in the Brazeau herd (compared to 28 individuals in the Tonquin herd).
Braided streams from Cataract Lake
Managing the boulders around the Cataract meadow
Approaching Cataract Lake. Oh that turquoise!


Cataract Pass looking South
Cataract Lake from an un-named ridge



Looking towards Nigel Pass (from whence we came) from an un-named ridge
Descending Cataract Pass to the White Goat side of the National Park/ Provincial Park boundary
Downclimb off an un-named ridge in the White Goat Wilderness. Cline pass and lakes below.


Note: If you are using an older map, the Brazeau trail between Brazeau Lake and Four Point now stays on the west side of the Brazeau River; there is no need to ford the river (the north bridge is out) unless you want to access Wolverine camp. Hiker signs are in place.






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