20160828-0903 Bikepack Durango Colorado to Moab Utah

It's been a while; how's everyone doing? Busy summer! Here are some photos from our 7-day mountain bike trip through the San Juans. Alpine, canyon, desert, mud and slickrock - and a variety of weather including hot hot days, hail and lightning! Scorpions, lizards, tarantulas. 7 flats amongst us; watch out for those cactus. Riders:... Continue Reading →


20160714: Montana bound on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Beginning in the town of Banff, the Canada Section of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route takes you through some of the most spectacular terrain on Earth. It's as though you've entered the forest primeval, a heavily wooded setting that can feel like rain forest - especially if it's raining. The first 70 miles or... Continue Reading →

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