20171021: Sorta-Ice above Picklejar Lakes (Kananaskis)

We sure hoped we'd find some ice to climb in the early season.


20161105: Early Ice on Mt. Bishop

John called it “mixed” and I called it “non-classic”. Eh, just get up it any way you can. We were simply ecstatic that our lugging of gear into the Continental Divide didn't go to waste and we actually got to play on ice. Ice globs + aerated slush + gaping holes of freezing waterfall. 2... Continue Reading →

Crevasse rescue practice at Old Goat

Fantastic half day hike close to town, with great views of the lake and Big Sister and Rimwall above treeline. Highly recommend. Fantastic day with the CSMC folks, practicing crevasse rescue. I'm beginning to really appreciate the views from this side of the lake! Not our team's setup...  You'll want cleaner knots and no twists in the sling. :-)... Continue Reading →

20151212: One of these weekends we’ll sleep in (Balfour Wall + Shades of Beauty)

Driving northbound on the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93 North), one transitions from Banff's dense ice-capped peaks of the Divide to caribou country and the edge of the arctic tundra in Jasper. There are glaciers and icefields spanning hundreds of square kilometers, whose meltwater feeds milky green-blue glacial lakes. Enormous waterfalls that become major rivers eventually... Continue Reading →

20150327-Life is a Paradise

The lyrics to Ace of Base's Lucky Love might not make very much sense but if you "grew up" with it like I did, you might be inclined to linger at the Canadian Brewhouse just a bit longer when the track comes up on the playlist. Even after the tab's paid. Even after a long day of work and a long... Continue Reading →

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