20170529: Junction of the Arctic and Great Divides (Snow Dome, Icefields Parkway)

It might not be sexy, but it's special. For a snowflake drifting down onto Snow Dome, three destinies are possible.


Crevasse rescue practice at Old Goat

Fantastic half day hike close to town, with great views of the lake and Big Sister and Rimwall above treeline. Highly recommend. Fantastic day with the CSMC folks, practicing crevasse rescue. I'm beginning to really appreciate the views from this side of the lake! Not our team's setup...  You'll want cleaner knots and no twists in the sling. :-)... Continue Reading →

20140621: Six Days on the Wapta Icefield

It always feels a little strange coming home after a mountain trip and realizing that the gears of the world have continued to grind on while you were held captive in an alternate universe of endless snow, ice, and rock. You feel that, while you were inching through the huge terrain, imprinting the snow with... Continue Reading →

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