20180704-11: A week exploring caribou country (Jasper South boundary/ White Goat Wilderness)

Of the many backpack trips I've done, White Goat is probably the star of them all for its alpine lakes and solitude. You want Canadian Rockies wilderness? This is it.


20170508: Sunshine Coast Trail 80k (Powell River to Lang Bay)

Then I smelt something burning. While laying there in my snuggly warm bag, listening to the driving rain against the window, pondering whether to get up into the cold dark night, pondering how little I wanted to pull on wet boots, hoping that maybe that I was only imagining the smell of burning, Leslie's voice drifted over to me through the dark. "Do you smell something burning?" Sigh. "...Yeah," I replied. Pause. "Ahhhh... I'm sure the rain will put it out..."

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