20170508: Sunshine Coast Trail 80k (Powell River to Lang Bay)

Then I smelt something burning. While laying there in my snuggly warm bag, listening to the driving rain against the window, pondering whether to get up into the cold dark night, pondering how little I wanted to pull on wet boots, hoping that maybe that I was only imagining the smell of burning, Leslie's voice drifted over to me through the dark. "Do you smell something burning?" Sigh. "...Yeah," I replied. Pause. "Ahhhh... I'm sure the rain will put it out..."

Thoughts on hiking and running the West Coast Trail

“Is the West Coast Trail runnable?” is what my ultra and fastpack buddies are wondering. If sports magazines are anything to go by, running the WCT is now the thing to do. It's strange to me how it got on the populist radar, because as far as I know, very few people have done it. I would... Continue Reading →

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