Seeking normalcy after Mt. Haig

I was no longer The Girl Who Defied Death, but The Girl Who Leaves Work Early and goes home while everyone else contributes something important to society. The feeling of care disappears. The micro-attention I’d previously pushed away left of its own accord, leaving, surprisingly, loneliness. … More Seeking normalcy after Mt. Haig


20160404: the grit from which you’re made

In How We Learn To Believe In Ourselves, Anna Woodhouse writes, “Grit is more important than intelligence, or talent, or even wealth in determining success.” What is grit? “Grit is about the ability to pursue long-term goals and to stick with things.”  It may be loosely correlated with self control. There may even be a genetic … More 20160404: the grit from which you’re made

20150215: Selected Photos from Up North

I’ve been reading Seven Years in Tibet – that incredible account of Heinrich Harrer’s journey – and thought to look up some of my old photos from that area of the world. There’s one in particular I remember, of two girls on the road, white wall of a lamasery behind them, in colorful traditional costume, black hair and rosy … More 20150215: Selected Photos from Up North

Engaging the Mountains

I know I’m a newbie, but can I call myself a mountaineer yet? : ) I like how mountain people are always talking about ‘movement’. Movement on snow, ice, rock. There’s something elegant about the idea of efficient movement. Mountaineers are always talking about efficiency too. In packing, in setting up camp, in getting your shtuff … More Engaging the Mountains


I was going out into the wilderness and having amazing incredible experiences. I woke up one day and realized I had new dreams for myself. I could dream a new story for myself that was different that what was before.. I will find my way – one way or another it will lead to something… … More Life’r