20170925: Retrieving confidence at the Big Sur Trail Marathon (Andrew Molera SP, CA)

The reward of the course is, apart from the challenge of the hills, the incredible view of the famous Bixby Bridge from Old Coach Road.


20170803: Wet evening on Folding Mountain, Hinton

Was looking for a weekday run; that’s how Folding Mountain came onto my radar. Every time I drove into Jasper N.P. from Hinton I’d be looking for the mountain. Which one is it, I’d wonder while looking out the window at the ridges to the East.

20160730-0801: Waterton Triple Crown

The so-called Triple Crown of Waterton Lakes National Park is "awarded" upon the completion of three premier trails in the area: Carthew-Alderson, Crypt, and Akamina. A friend organized a bunch of us on an incredible relaxed trail running long weekend with great company. These are the moments we live for. Day 1: Carthew-Alderson, 18km A civilized... Continue Reading →

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