20181104: NYC Marathon

This was more about the city trip than the run, but wow, what a great event.


Château-to-château self-guided running vacation (Central Val de Loire, France)

I've been on holiday for a few months across the Middle East and Europe; now that I'm home, friends are asking me what was the highlight of the trip? Easily, it's the couple weeks I spent in the Loire Valley, France. If, like me, you love: long easy days of running at an exploratory as-you-please... Continue Reading →

20160730-0801: Waterton Triple Crown

The so-called Triple Crown of Waterton Lakes National Park is "awarded" upon the completion of three premier trails in the area: Carthew-Alderson, Crypt, and Akamina. A friend organized a bunch of us on an incredible relaxed trail running long weekend with great company. These are the moments we live for. Day 1: Carthew-Alderson, 18km A civilized... Continue Reading →

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