Cascade Mountain in Banff National Park, on a beautiful snowy day.


20170813: Devil’s Thumb (Lake Louise, Banff)

Chipmunks played hide-and-seek beside and behind us as we made our way up, watching us with bright dark eyes, alternating bravery with hesitancy, and no doubt hoping we’d reward their animated companionship with crumbs from our lunch.

20160612: The full Bourgeau in summer snow

Bourgeau Lake is a popular hike, understandably so. It’s close to the town of Banff. The trail’s wide and packed and non-technical. There’s impressive waterfalls, views across the valley of the dramatic Sawback Range, colourful alpine flowers, and the reward of the blue-green gem of a lake set into the glacially-carved amphitheatre. It’s so popular... Continue Reading →

20151212: One of these weekends we’ll sleep in (Balfour Wall + Shades of Beauty)

Driving northbound on the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93 North), one transitions from Banff's dense ice-capped peaks of the Divide to caribou country and the edge of the arctic tundra in Jasper. There are glaciers and icefields spanning hundreds of square kilometers, whose meltwater feeds milky green-blue glacial lakes. Enormous waterfalls that become major rivers eventually... Continue Reading →

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