20160828-0903 Bikepack Durango Colorado to Moab Utah

It's been a while; how's everyone doing? Busy summer! Here are some photos from our 7-day mountain bike trip through the San Juans. Alpine, canyon, desert, mud and slickrock - and a variety of weather including hot hot days, hail and lightning! Scorpions, lizards, tarantulas. 7 flats amongst us; watch out for those cactus. Riders:... Continue Reading →


20160617-18: Pedal Spray Lakes West

We rode towards the hotel that looked like a castle. The thin air felt like it was strangling me. My heart was beating out of my chest, and every big gasp of air sent only a trickle of oxygen to my lungs. I kicked my pedal and rode over a small dirt mount, diving into... Continue Reading →

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