20170903: Hike to the Secret Ashram (Lone Pine, CA)

A 3-hr orientation hike, destination: abandoned ashram somewhere in the Mojave-Kern, the "land of cloud-nourished trees and wild things that live without drink..."


20160612: The full Bourgeau in summer snow

Bourgeau Lake is a popular hike, understandably so. It’s close to the town of Banff. The trail’s wide and packed and non-technical. There’s impressive waterfalls, views across the valley of the dramatic Sawback Range, colourful alpine flowers, and the reward of the blue-green gem of a lake set into the glacially-carved amphitheatre. It’s so popular... Continue Reading →

20160320: Mt. Yamnuska Sunrise

I've only been doing short stuff in the mountains lately. Just concentrating on other things, despite the above-average high temps this winter and clear sunny days. A while back I did Ha-Ling with G from the scrambling club (as a Plan B when our Kootenays trip got cancelled due to snowfall warnings), and he was... Continue Reading →

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